The word ‘adobe‘ is thought to have remained approximately unchanged for at least 4000 years. The oldest standing adobe structure in the world is 4600 years old. The oldest evidence of adobe construction in the Americas, 5100 years old, is in Peru. Horno oven designs were introduced to the Americas by the Spanish in the 1500s, who themselves adopted the design from the Moors.

Horno ovens can also last a long time in the dry climate of New Mexico, but they need periodic maintenance. Welcoming an horno into your home environment is a commitment to slow food and to the intention of natural building. It is a dance with the elemental, and an affirmation of this landscape.

OB1 Adobe will work with you to discover the ideal location for your horno, and to collaborate on a design that incorporates the functionality and beauty of your vision. Whether you use it weekly or sporadically, your horno will invite you to rethink the space around your home and will provide an architectural focal point that draws from the deep cultures of New Mexico and global civilizations of past millenia. Please call or email to talk about your project.

OB1 Adobe also offers prompt and communicative handyman services to Airbnb hosts and home owners in Santa Fe.

Horno items of interest by other builders:

Santa Fe Botanical Gardens hornos

A Santa Fe horno built by Felipe Ortega

A video of Felipe’s horno build at the Palace of the Governors

Abiquiu, NM